2015 Bayerischer Wald


Pension Fernblick
Pension, Gruppenreisen, Jugendgruppen in St. Oswald

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Im Fernblick gibt's das Abendessen fast geschenkt

7 Tage incl. HALBPENSION, im DZ mit Du/WC/TV - 182 EUR

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Gästebuch Bayerischer Wald

Having spent an enjoyable 2 weeks in Bogen, and hope to someday return, I would like to know if it is possible to have more pictures of the town on a website. While visiting I took many pictures, but enjoy looking at websites and of course yours, now that I found it by browsing.

Also, it would help those of us who can't read or speak German, if the site could be in English. Traveling to Bogen was our first trip out of the USA. Of course we have now met several others who have vacationed in Germany and find that it is a great place to visit. My husband and I enjoy looking at the Bogen web cam and check it out everyday. It is like being there again.

Next time I will try to learn some of the language!